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Christopher A. Chaplin:

Mr. Chaplin was born in August 1970, and grew up in the west side of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Christopher is a single parent of a child dually diagnosed with autism and hemophilia. He also has two older daughters. He graduated in 2005 as an Early Childhood Assistant and is, independently, studying child psychology and children's literature. Christopher is dedicated to bringing to light the positive aspects of parenting children who have special needs.

He is a self-taught writer who possesses a refreshing enthusiasm to learn and continues to experiment with new ways of expressing his unique stories, which are not only engaging children's stories, but also tools for acquiring life skills. His mission is to motivate other individuals to think positively about whatever challenges they might face in their lives.

Christopher founded MasterpieceFactory Inc. as an outlet for his work and especially to empower readers to develop their own ideas and solutions for parenting developmentally challenged children or who suffer from other diseases, disabilities, or disorders.

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Facebook Group (MasterpieceFactor Inc):

Jan Kovarik:

Jan Kovarik is a freelance copyeditor and proofreader (a.k.a. Jan K., The Proofer,, and has been serving the publications industry at large since 1996. Although Jan's primary focus is academic-level research journals (in the accounting and computer technology fields) and post-graduates who are in their dissertation stage, she has provided editing services for texts that span self-help to science fiction. Prior to becoming a freelancer, Jan worked for more than twenty years in the corporate accounting arena. Jan Korvarik is the Copy editor for MasterpieceFactory Inc.

The titles listed below have been copy edited by Jan Kovarik:

1. Act Alive & Say High Five
2. Autisms Monologue
3. Babble
4. Blog Articles
5. Boing! Boing! Boing!
6. Bodola / Chips & Pop
7. Boof!
8. Business Related Correspondence
9. Finding Squeezey
10. If We, They Will
11. Inside Tubsy
12. Let them Be Silly So They Can Become
13. Losing Squeezey
14. Motor Mouth
15. Mr. I-Presume Discovers Planet Earth
16. Mr. I-Presume & Friends picture Story Coloring book
17. Mr. I-Presume Visits The Under World
18. My Perpetual Statement of Acknowledgement
19. One Egg Chip
20. Owl Eyes
21. Say Bump Me
22. Squeezey Wonders
23. Stumbling Upon My Purpose
24. The Closer We Get To Our Goals
25. The Tales Of Tipee Toe Tony The Man With One Hand
26. TTT Strawberry City
27. TTT Spooky Forest
28. Website Content
29. We're Going To Do It
30. What A child Is Worth
31. Yeah I Love Mommy Today

Visit Jan's Portal at:

Dr. Bob Rich, Editor:

Dr. Bob Rich is a professional editor who does contract work for several independent publishers. However, he always makes time for writers who want to polish up their work before submitting it, or self-publishing. Bob looks at his work as much as a matter of teaching as of just suggesting changes, because early in his writing career, he benefited from three separate editors who did that for him. He has 13 published books, four of which have received international awards.

Look him up at:

Pamela J. Masi, Illustrator:

PAMELA J. MASI is a self-taught artist who is best known for her boldly whimsical, less traditional, approach to illustrating quality educational children's books, magazines, and other visual resources. Some of her past titles include, Alex Anklebone and Andy the Dog by award winning poet Richard Stevenson, Doogie Dinosaur Learns a Lesson by motivational speaker Judy A. Crawford, and Sunny's Grand Adventure by author Valerie Falconer.

Currently in development is a small collection of stories that are specifically designed for children with unique learning needs. They are all written by the very talented Christopher A. Chaplin and will be produced by -MasterpieceFactory Inc. Also in the works is a narrated musical Christmas story based on the song, Peekin' -by acclaimed musician Lacey Rolland.

Aside from illustrating, Pamela enjoys taking long nature walks with her devoted husband and two outstanding children. She also loves her volunteer work for a variety of charitable services as part of a worldwide relief society organization.

“I believe that effective visual communication to a child's imagination is a critical teaching tool. It must always be thoughtfully utilized –and certainly, never underestimated.”

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